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Low cost time and attendance for small businesses!

Posted in Biometric Information on March 1st, 2011 by Andy – Be the first to comment

Introducing the D100 time and attendance unit from Anviz! – This is the low cost and simple time & attendance product our customers have been waiting for!

Cheap fingerprint attendance system

The D100 requires absolutely no installation, just plug it in and put it on a desk!

You can enrol users directly onto the unit and then allow them to sign themselves in and out using just their fingerprint (OR an ID number and password!).

The D100 connects to any PC using a USB cable, and works just like a memory stick with no driver installation… You can then use the browser based software to import the information from the D100 and run reporting against it! Simple.

The unit can store up to 50,000 events, and up to 2,000 fingerprints (up to 1,000 users enrolling each index finger recommended).

The D100 is available now for just  £139.99 + VAT. – Click here to buy online now

Easy Low cost Wiegand Fingerprint Access Control!

Posted in Biometric Information on January 13th, 2011 by Andy – Be the first to comment

Always forgetting / losing your access card?  Or have a high security area you’d like to add biometric authentication to?

The Anviz T5 is a low cost (Just £99.99 + VAT, and bulk discounts available!) – fingerprint + mifare card terminal.  It has a wiegand26 output which allows it to be used to integrate seamlessly into existing access control systems.

Low cost wiegand fingerprint access control

The unit is high quality and can be mounted on most door frames, and comes with a highly durable scratchproof fingerprint sensor.

Users can be enrolled on the unit itself using the administrator card, or using the management software on a PC connected by mini USB or RS232

Check out the full user manual here!

New Product! – Anviz OA1000 Fingerprint Terminal

Posted in Biometric Information on December 8th, 2010 by Andy – Be the first to comment

Introducing the latest state-of-the-art fingerprint terminal from Anviz – the OA1000.

Anviz OA1000 Fingerprint Terminal

This terminal can be used stand-alone for access control purposes or used with the included software for a full time & attendance solution… and can  be set to require any combination of identification including fingerprint, password, access card – or simply secure fingerprint-only entry – all within an elegant and easy to use interface.

With a fingerprint capacity of 3,000 fingerprints : You can add 1,500 hundred users with both index fingers enrolled, or even enrol more fingers on less users – the choice is yours.

The inbuilt camera allows you to assign photographs to each user, but can also be set to record snap-shots of people as they clock-in on the device. The software allows you to assign “allowed” working hours to each user, as well as generate reports of useage.

The OA1000 can be setup or accessed from your computer using USB, or over the network using TCP/IP ethernet connection.

This product also has options for Wifi connectivity, MiFare card reader and HID card reader.

Eyenetwatch are happy to offer this amazing looking and highly advanced terminal to our range of products!

WBF – Windows Biometric Framework Supports Secugen Hamster Plus!

Posted in Biometric Information on November 10th, 2010 by Andy – Be the first to comment

Microsoft has added a framework to it’s latest version of the Windows operating system ‘Windows 7′ to deal with common biometric requirements. Microsoft’s website says;

Biometrics is an increasingly popular technology that provides convenient access to systems, services, and resources. Biometrics relies on measuring an unchanging physical characteristic of a person to uniquely identify that person. Fingerprints are one of the most frequently used biometric characteristics, with millions of fingerprint biometric devices that are embedded in personal computers and peripherals.

In Windows® 7, the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) provides support for fingerprint biometric devices through a new set of components. These components improve the quality, reliability, and consistency of the user experience for customers who have fingerprint biometric devices.

The Windows Biometric Framework supports the Secugen Hamster Plus scanner! Which means our best value USB scanner can be purchased to use on Windows 7 systems without the need for additional software.

The Secugen Hamster plus can be purchased online from our website here.

Develop Your Own Fingerprint Solution

Posted in Biometric Information on July 22nd, 2010 by Andy – Be the first to comment

By Developing your own applications with fingerprints you open up this means of identification for a whole range of uses… For example secure login method or identification for a website or online applications, creation of your own terminals to be used anywhere that keyless identification is useful – and many more!

If you have any experience with programming or application development, then developing your own biometric solutions might be easier than you think.

Fingerprint Application Development

This article will focus on the FREE software development kits available through Eyenetwatch for use with Secugen hardware – Although please be aware Sagem and other brands also offer high quality SDKs and integration packages.

Secugen’s Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to make your own applications. The FDx and SDK pro series offers low-level APIs and a small / simple library making it easy to create applications compatible with your UI.
On the more advanced end the SecuBSP comes with optimized enrolment and verification wizards, and extensive device functions.

Platforms supported include Windows, CE.NET, Java, Linux, X86 and SPARC Solaris 10

For a full technical overview with all the specifications and nerdy stuff, get in touch to request a full overview. Remember, the Secugen SDKs are FREE of charge with the purchase of Secugen Hardware from Eyenetwatch.

Saving a Fingerprint Image

Posted in Biometric Information on July 20th, 2010 by Andy – Be the first to comment

This article is about how to capture and save a fingerprint image using the Secugen Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner.

Although our fingerprint scanners are usually used for PC security, employee time and attendance, access control etc… Some of our customers represent custom jewellery makers, craftsmen, law enforcement, pawn brokers or artists – who want to scan a fingerprint image and save the image itself for various uses.

Saving a fingerprint scan:


Step 1 – Unbox the Hamster Plus and install the appropriate driver from the CD before you connect the device..

Step 2 – When prompted, connect the Hamster Plus to your PC with the attached USB cable – Then complete your installation

Step 3 – Click Start > Run – and type “SGDX” and select OK

Step 4 – This will load the diagnostic utility – select “Capture” to scan your fingerprint.. Then select “file” and “save to BMP”

Step 5 – Your image has been saved! Use any graphics program like paint or photoshop if you wish to convert it to another file type (eg/ JPG)

The image shown on this page was captured using the Secugen Hamster Plus scanner and converted to JPG for internet use. The Secugen Plus fingerprint scanner is available for just £69.95 (excl. VAT & delivery) from Eyenetwatch. Click here to view the product